Dadomani - Cure The Quarantine

Around the world people are experiencing some form of quarantine in the hopes of slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus and the associated respiratory disease COVID-19.

The feelings of isolation that come with these measures can have deep and lasting effects.

For many, having to unexpectedly disengage with our community can be stressful, leading to feelings of frustration, loneliness or isolation. For some, it may even exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses.

We want to share the support for everyone around the world who is experiencing the feelings of isolation as part of the quarantine, and let them know that they are not alone.

Agency: The Future Group
Script / Story: Dadomani Studio / The Future Group
Direction / Animation : Dadomani Studio
Post-production / Post audio: 19 Below 
Original music: Soundcake 
Voice: Kelley Buttrick